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Q Street Fine Art
Barbara Bennett

1 Saint Matthews Ct. NW, Wasington DC 20036

By appointment. Please call:
+1 (202) 255-2893

Q Street Fine art is located at 2015 Q Street, NW Washington DC, housed in a historic townhouse built in 1886. Its original owner was Captain Edward Rawson, followed by Roberdeau Buchanan, and then in the 1970's by the Hare Krisna devotees. In the early 1980's it was purchased again as a family home by Robert and Mary Beth Otto until 2003. Today 2015 Q Street is owned by William Anawaty, founder and president of Anari, Inc. an institutional investment advisory company.

The gallery is logistically favorable as it resides on the same street as the Phillip's Collection, the oldest modern art museum in the United States and surrounded by several other, established,Dupont Circle galleries and venues including the Hillyer Art Space.

A few steps from the northern exit of Dupont Circle metro station.

Now showing:

Paintings by
Rafael Gallardo